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I just completed my BSN and was thinking it would be nice to continue my education in nursing by going for a MSN and maybe eventually a PhD to do research and teach at a university one day. My question is compared to a traditional BSN curriculum how rigorous is a MSN program? I did not work while in the BSN program and I most certainly would work while in the MSN program. Is working full-time while getting this degree too difficult?

Thanks for any input.

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I worked more than full time (my regular 40 hours/week plus any number of call hours from 2 to 37 in addition) during my MSN in education. I chose an online program for the flexibility and not being required to physically be present in a classroom. It was a struggle at times, both to remain motivated and to find time to complete assignments. Being single and childless, I at least did not have obligations there, but I also had no assistance. I ended up paying a meal service to make up meals once a month that could be pulled out of the freezer and cooked in less than 30 minutes and paying someone to clean my house once a month. Expensive, but worth it to gain that extra time for school. As for how rigorous a program will be, that will depend on the program and your definition of rigorous. You may want to find a few programs you like, and then see if you can find any current or recent students who can give you the information you seek.