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Hi all, I was hoping to gain some knowledge from experienced nurses on this topic. So my question is..  Can i go from my RN to MSN with a concentration in peds (PNP), and then go from PNP to NNP..? This may sound wonky and confusing but I am trying to make sense of it myself lol. So my desire is to become a neonatal nurse practitioner. Here is my logic.... where i live there is only 1 NNP program and it is a private school. But... there is an RN(ADN) -MSN public program but there is no NNP option. This program is 2 years long which is amazing! I understand that i may be having to work extra hard through school being that i will lack certain skills by not focusing on one specialty but do you think this is at all possible? 

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You'd still need experience as an RN in a NICU before starting the NNP program. Even if you are a PNP first.

If you want to be an NNP, focus on getting a job in a Level III or IV NICU (if you haven't already), get your BSN in the meantime, then go into an NNP. Getting a PNP and not using it is a huge waste of money.

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