MSN admission for those who graduated with a BSN from UTA



Can someone please guide me how to apply for the MSN (Online FNP) program at UTA for someone with a BSN from the same institution.

Do we still have to go through all the admission steps or are they some minimal steps because you already graduated from UTA and they have your grades/transcripts etc.

The website doesn't have a lot of info and I don't find the advisors very responsive. If someone in a similar situation has been through this I would greatly appreciate your feedback.



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Hi -

I would suggest calling the number on the UTA academic partnership website. I got absolutely no help from my advisor so I called that number and they transferred me to the department I needed to speak with to get the information that I needed. I'm not able to apply until December so she put me on her list to call in December and walk me through all the steps for the application. She also answered all my questions regarding the program and was very helpful.


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I had to do the normal enrollment on applytexas, even though I graduated from UTA with my BSN. Obviously, I didn't have to send any transcripts but that's the only thing I can think of that was quicker.

I think UTA BSN graduates are given preference for admission into the FNP program, but who knows if that's true.