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MSMU ADN Spring 2017


I applied and recently took the TEAS exam at Mt. St. Mary's University in Los Angeles for the ADN Spring 2017 program. I was wondering if anyone has heard back about acceptance, setting up a student portal or scheduling an interview.

Please let me know. I'm hoping to get in!


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I haven't heard of anything either. I've been checking my portal & it still says Complete-In Review Process as of 09/02/16. :nailbiting:

I have not been called for an interview, but I was told by a friend that she didn't get interviewed.

I'm dying to know.

Hey! Well at least we're in the same boat. When you say your portal-- was that something issued to you? Or is that the same portal we submitted our applications to on the website?

Hi guys, I just want to let you guys know that the admission decision is now posted on the portal!

It literally JUST updated right now. The portal is on the MSMU site. After you completed your application you should've received an email that contained login credentials. In the portal you have access to all paperwork that you've sent in & basically any information you need as a student.

I'M ACCEPTED! I hope to see you too!!!!

Me too. I'm accepted! yay! Congrats.

itservicedesk@msmu.edu This is the email address where they send my portal info.

Thank you for the information! I was able to receive my student portal log in. They had the incorrect email address. My status is still showing-- In Review. I hope I get in. Congrats to those who have been accepted! :)

I don't think I'll be taking my spot though so an alternate will probably get it!


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