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Hey y'all! I have been following this thread for about 4 years. I lost my nursing license 5 years ago and have been in the monitoring program in MS. My board order called for a max of 3 years but due to the extreme disorganization of our BON, I have found myself still in the program and unable to get any clear answers. In April, I put together an entire binder with all of my letters and emails and paperwork from treatment, etc. This was actually the THIRD time I put together a binder of my every move in this program and my case manager "guesses she lost it... twice". After turning in my binder of documents in April, I have emailed or called my case manager once a week to make sure she knew I was not backing down this time. She has not responded to even one email or call over the last 4 months, Which brings me to this morning...

I woke up and opened my spectrum app to check in and it says "Error: Please Activate the Account". I was unable to activate the account with my PIN number and even called the helpline and the automated system said there was no account with my information. I came to the forum and read that several of you got this message upon completion of the program. What is worrying me is the that I have heard nothing from my case manager, received no email or completion paperwork and will have to panic ab this all weekend before I can speak to her Monday. I guess my main question is for the ones who have completed a program... How long did it take before the probationary status was removed from your license online. Both online verification systems I have looked at say probation still. Im trying to find some type of hint that maybe I am done and she just has not informed me. Any help would be greatly appreciated 😎


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Ugh that is awful!! But.....I bet you're done! 🎉 I want to say it took like 3+ weeks before it changed online. And I had to follow up with them because the BON was updated but Nursys still said restricted. There was a number at the bottom of my letter and the lady actually fixed it while I was on the phone with her!

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