MRSA Fears and Protecting Family


I've been seeing more in the media about MRSA. Today there was a story in the New York Times science section that mentioned cases of children getting infections (in the community, not in the hospital) -- including a 13-yea-old girl who has had to have repeated hopitalizations and a 2 year old that went downhill quickly and died. The article mentioned that healthcare workers can bring these infections home to their families. I have a 2 year old who seems to have a poor immune system (as well as a 5 year old who is generally healthier). Is there anything I can do, in addition to hospital protocols, to protect my family during clinicals and beyond (I'm a student now). Do any of you do anything special (especially those with children or compromised family members)?


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FirstyearStudent. I am sorry to hear about your 2 year old. Please contact your primary care provider for help with this. As a Nursing site we can't give medical information.

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