MPH in global health--WHO bound?


Hello, all.

I recently started looking into the field of global health. I've been searching for my niche in the healthcare industry, and I believe I've finally found it.

My plan is to finish my two years in the nurse residency program at Vanderbilt, complete two years in the Peace Corps, and enter grad school for an MPH in global health/humanitarianism/epidemiology. My ultimate goal is to find employment with the World Health Organization. Currently, I volunteer for a local organization mentoring first generation college students, work as a RN on the Burn Unit at a celebrated MC, and am in the process of perfecting my French.

My questions are threefold:

1. How should I narrow down my interests in global health to determine what aspect to focus on? I love the thought of doing disaster relief, but I also have a passion for analyzing patterns of and eradicating disease.

2. Which graduate schools (worldwide, not just U.S.) should I explore, and what should I do in preparation? I'm having particular trouble finding international MPH programs. My short list for the U.S. is Johns Hopkins, Harvard, and Boston College. I'd love to hear about some not-so-ivy-league schools as well.

3. What kind of experience does the WHO look for in employees, and what types of positions could I qualify for?

I have an informational interview set up with a professor in global health and will be attending a conference at Yale in April. Any advice on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!