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I have been a school nurse for the past seven years but I have worked in other areas and specialties prior to this current job. I work at an elementary school with approximately 700 lovely students. The staff is great to work with and they are very supportive. School nursing can be challenging if you do not have prior experience as a nurse because you must make several decisions per day which are sometimes critical to the health of the child. Most of all because you are the only person with medical knowledge on campus you are regarded as the expert and does earn some respect. In the elementary school, children adore you, Administrators listen to you, and teachers seek your advise. Of all the perks you have, I think the best is having Thanksgiving, Christmas and the long summer off after a long hard year.

enkwanta, MPH, BSN, RN



Specializes in Peds, Oncology. Has 4 years experience.

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