moving to usa and ? what states recognise my ontario license

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Does anyone know which states recognise my ontario license and would not require me to rewrite the exams to be hired as a registered nurse.

Hi! I am a Canadian nurse who has been in the US for the last 10 years. I know of many Canadian nurses working in the US. Many states have reciprocity(recognize your license) with Canada and in those states you would not have to rewrite your exam. If you are looking to work in the US your best bet is to get an agency to help you. Some like Procare work almost exclusively placing Canadian nurses in US jobs. They have all the latest info on license requirements as well as visas etc. I have dealt with Procare in the past and found them to be helpful and professional. I have seen them advertise in the back of many nursing magazines such as RN or Nursing2001.

Good luck!

Feel free to email me for more info if you like. [email protected]

P.S. (I used to work at Chedoke in Hamilton!)

In California you do have to sit your boards again. You would be wide open if you have N-Clex behind you , then any state would take you. Our hospital is looking for good nurses and you would feet at home with many of the other Canadian nurses we have recruited. Go to if you are interested!

North Carolina, There are tons of nurses from Canada there.

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