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Moving to Texas

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I will finish my ADN in Washington state by Aug this year. After completion, I'm planning to move to Texas. I'm a student on F1 visa. Following are my questions -

Can I give my NCLEX RN exam in Texas? Can I get my RN license directly in Texas? Can I do that considering my RN school is in WA.

Which approach will be easier - Move to texas, give the exam and get license OR finish exam, get license in WA and then move to get TX RN license?

Also, as a new grad RN, will I find jobs in TX? Which are good places for starters? Please advise.

Any help is appreciated.. Any information on the detailed process to obtaining NCLEX RN exam and RN license in TX is appreciated.

1. Read the Primer at the top of this forum.

2. If you hold a Canadian passport, then are you planning to use the TN Visa?

3. Be aware that the US is under a retrogression at this time, and unless you have the OPT, your F-1 visa will only permit you to remain in the US for up to 60 days after your last day of class.

4. In order to get the TN Visa, that must be done at the Canadian border first of all, and it requires that you actually take and pass the NCLEX-RN exam as well as have a Visa Screen Certificate in hand. Going to be impossible to get that done in the two months that you have.

You are going to need to apply for licensure to Texas for the RN license, and will need to use the License by Examination application. You can start directly with that, and would suggest that you write the exam before you move. Be aware that you need to have an employer in place as well as documentaton from them to be able to get the TN Visa. Not sure what you are planning to use as far as visa to be able to work as the F-1 will cease to exist if not qualified for the OPT, and you never made mention of that.

You are truly fortunate that you have the Canadian passport, if you do have one, otherwise there would be no way for you to remain here and work since the US is under a retrogression at this time.


Thanks for the information.

I'm planning to use OPT first. I'm in discussion with my school, they will verify and update me. The TN option will be secondary.

So, the suggestion is to apply and get a licensure in TX directly. Thanks for the suggestion, I will review the Texas BON website to gather the exact requirements.

Do I need to look into anything else then get the ATT from Texas BON and getting my OPT from my college?

As far as the first work experience: no, since you will have the OPT. But to do anything with the TN Visa, that will require much more in documentation from the employer.

There are several threads on this forum with the specifics as to what needs to be included in the letter. It is usually about four pages long, not just a few sentences on a piece of paper.

Best of luck to you.

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