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Moving to Savannah

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Hello all,

I'm looking for some insite. I will be moving to Savannah in Jan and know nothing about the hospitals in the area. I am a NICU nurse and love it so, i'm hoping to stick with that. Anyone happen to know about the area? It looks like there is only one level III to choose from...is level II more like a nursery? Any insite would be helpful!



I know that Memorial hospital in Savannah puts in a great perintal conference every february (and I am assuming that is the hospital you are talking about) but I have never actually been to their NICU. From what I understand about Level II they usually take slightly older, less complicated babies (CPAP, Hood etc). I may be mistaken about that, any Level II people out there?



I'm from Savannah and worked at Memorial Heath for 3 yrs. They have a great level III NICU. It's acutally part of Backus Children's Hospital, but associated with Memorial Health- it's actually all the same thing! They're VERY busy and you should bring your running shoes w/ you, but I learned a lot and loved my time there. I miss it! It's about a 50 bed unit and they do just about everything. Some heart stuff they have to ship to Altanta. If you apply, I'm almost positive they'll hire you! The have pretty heavy patient loads, but it's a fun group and the time goes fast. Hope that helps!


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Thanks for the input! I actually have just been offered a job there and took it. After touring the floor it reminds me alot of a hospital I worked for in Tampa. It did look very busy and I will have to get used to a delivery hospital again as I am currently working in Atlanta at a NICU in a children's hospital that is mostly surgical (very sick babies, no feeder growers). Should be a nice change! Again thanks for the input, that is good to here.:up:


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I live in rural south GA. We send all of our critical kids to Backus. (Memorial ). Busy folks. Great NICU. They get a bulk of the transfers. I am sure they'd have a job opening. Good Luck and welcome to the South!

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