Moving to Sarasota for Phone Triage...anyone moved back to Michigan?

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Please advise on potential move to Sarasota from Michigan.....


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I moved to Sarasota back in 98 to assist with the opening of a new restaurant on the Siesta Key. There were about 6 of us that went for an "indefinate" period of time. I came back to Michigan 6 months later. Don't get me wrong, it was absolutely beautiful there, but I was homesick and got sick and tired of the tourism. When I got there in November, it took me about 15 minutes to get to work. By January, it was taking about 45 minutes. Traffic got horrendous because everyone was on vacation. Good luck with your decision and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!



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I am in just the opposite position as you are! I currently live and work in Sarasota, but hubby and I are planning to move back up north to Michigan next summer.

I've lived here (Sarasota) going on ten years now. It's a beauiful place to live and work, but the population seems to have quadrupled in the past ten years. Couple that with the influx of tourists between Sept-May, and you've got the recipe for frustrating traffic, and a "big city" feel.

Properties in Sarasota are pretty expensive too, but remember, FL has no state tax.

We're looking to move to a smaller town, and are focusing on Alpena, Mi. (my DH spent summers there as a child)

Best of luck to you in Sarasota. And come January when you are enjoying 70 degree temps on the beach, think of me shoveling snow up north! :)


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Boy things change. I am signing a lease in Sanford the end of April...Thank you for all your posts. Actually my cousin who lives in Sarasota wrote the exact message....very congested and busy. Sanford is North of Orlando and I hope a bit more quiet. Anyone out there from Sanford, Fla? Love to hear your thoughts....... :chuckle

Please advise on potential move to Sarasota from Michigan.....

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It's funny...I'm about an hour south of alpena and am thinking of moving to Florida in the next few years.

Welcome past present and future Michiganders!! :)

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