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Moving to Portland in July

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Hi fellow Nurses!! I am a 30 year old guy that's about to get hitched in May and planning on the move to the amazing PNW!! I've heard the horror stories of moving out to Portland or planning the move with the hopes of finding a job and having no luck. I would be moving across the country from Florida with 2 1/2 years experience with adult step-down experience & currently 2 1/2 years experience on a Pediatric Cardiac ICU. I finished my BSN this past December in hoping the degree and expanding my experience into Peds would help with finding a job. I was wondering if any of you all had any experience with the move out to PDX and what is the probability that I find a job. I would prefer to move out there with a job already lined up if I could. Any advice would help!! :) Thank you all so much!!

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LoveMyBugs works as a Pediatrics.

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Said this on another thread. if you have more than a yrs experience and a BSN, finding a job shouldn't be too difficult.

Hospitals in Portland want the BSN experienced nurses. There are only 2 children's hospitals in Oregon, both in Portland. Both hire nurses with experience and require a BSN.

I would start applying now to both facilities, because HR at both places moves like molasses, then you could work out a start date later. Took me 6 months from my 1st application to actually getting hired on, where I currently work due to HR

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