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Anyone working or familiar with Royal Perth Hospital, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and Fremantle Hospital? Which of this hospitals have the best working condition? Thanks.....


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I'm from the eastern states, only visited Perth, but have heard all good from all these hospitals...maybe location may if I remember...

Royal Perth, very big, is right beside the city itself, just north of the main city...though does have a rehabilitation unit about 10-15k's away in Shelton Park.

Charlie Gardner very big, from what I have heard is is south of Perth across the Swan about 3 k's as the crow flies...but open for correction..they advertise alot..have child friendly hours, shot shifts, have child care.

Fremantle hossie is out in Fremantle down the Swan to the sea about 30mins to 45 mins from the city...also open to correction. This place is big but not very big..they always seem to be up there with research and nurses seem to have all educatio and stuff paid for.

BTW I don't think any of them specialise in any big way...Royal Perth is the spinal hospital.

Hope this gives some sort of insight..check the websites..and google maps


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royal perth does all of the "south" suburbs of perth metro area, scgh does the "north".

both are major hospitals with all the usual specialties.

royal perth is in the city as ceridwyn said.

charlies, as we call it, is in nedlands, just outside of the city (4km). more north/west than south.

fremantle is down the coast and is slightly smaller than the other two but still has all the main specialties.

all have emergency departments.

sir charles gairdner hospital (scgh) is one of australia 's leading teaching tertiary hospitals. the hospital has over 600 beds and employs approximately 5,000 staff who treat over 400,000 patients from across western australia every year.

fremantle hospital is a 450-bed major acute-care teaching hospital with important tertiary links and a 24-hour emergency department.

royal perth hospital (rph) is an 855-bed teaching hospital located on north eastern edge of the cbd of perth, western australia. royal perth hospital also has specialised rehabilitation facilities at shenton park.


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I stand corrected, but would not consider Nedlands north of Perth at all, west, slightly south, yes.


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Hi shadowcat80,

I have worked in Freo and SCGH ('Charlies'). Liked them both and the nurses i know there have stayed there. What speciality do you want? Do you know many people in Perth/ Royal Perth do have open days for nurses, or morning teas.


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They are all great hospitals, move to Perth we need more nurses :p

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