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So, my family and I are going to be moving from Cincinnati, OH to Pensacola, Fl in June '09 to be closer to my family. By the time I move, I will have 1 year of M/S experience under my belt. I have plenty of housing opportunities in Pensacola, however, I need to know what the job market for RNs is like.

I have went to different hospital websites, but most have few jobs and want more experience than what I will have.

Does anyone on here know what the minimum starting wage is in Pensacola? I know that the wage down there isn't as much as up here in cincy, but i am trying to figure out a budget and how much we can afford for housing when we get down there.

I appreciate anyones response :)

~Heather~ :nurse:

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I live in Pensacola now and am in Nursing school here. From what Ive been told, starting pay is around $23 an hour. And Ive also heard Baptist Hospital is the best to work in. A LOT of people have said HORRIBLE things about West Florida Hosp. but I also heard Baptist is suppose to take them over.

Not sure I was of much help, but I wish you much luck!! I really love living here and wish I didnt have to move (hubby will be going to FSU)



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thanks chancie...only one hospital has contacted me about their starting rate and that was sacred heart, and he said that its up to nursing administration as to what rate a RN is started at but the lowest they pay RNs is 18.59/hr...i am a new grad in cincy and make 20.66/hr...i just really don't want to take that kind of a pay cut...however, i want to be closer to my family that lives in P'cola, so i might just have to take the cut and get over it.

Baptist told me they only give out wage information during i guess i will have to find out in may when i go down to interview before we move...thanks for all your help :)


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