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Hello all! Greetings from Michigan. My family and I are interested in moving to the Akron/ Cleveland area so that I can attend the University of Akron Accelerated Nursing Program. We have an 8 year old son that loves to be around friends. Does anyone have advice that they are willing to provide on some of the great elementary schools in the area. ANY information about the area is extremely helpful. I know Cuyahoga Valley National Park is awesome to visit! I'd like to hear all the fun stuff to do, where we might sign- up for soccer, festivals, great date night restaurants, the best kids park, etc. This is a big move for us! My husband has been working in the pharmaceuticals industry and is now considering nursing school after I finish as well. We hope to hear from you soon! Thanks :)


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I have only been living in Akron for the past 6 years so I can only attest to a couple of your questions, but I can say for sure that the university has an excellent nursing program! The two good elementary schools I know of are King Elementary and the Montessori school out in Fairlawn. Akron has SO much to do in the summer time, there is a free weekly concert down by Lock 3 with vendors and other activities, Art in the Park, Highland theatre, the Gorge Metro park... One of my favorite restaurants is in Highland Square, a mediterranean place called Alladins with the yummiest food. I'm not sure what else I could answer for you, but I hope this helps!

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Cleveland is also not very far up the highway. Cleveland MetroParks are very well kept and offer a variety of golf courses (If you golf haha). There are also a lot of festivals and whatnot going in the summer, Indians games etc.


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The greater Akron area is a great place to live and raise a family. I've lived here all my life (two years in MI). Good school districts are copley-fairlawn , revere, stow, and Hudson. Have you narrowed your search in areas? Feel free to pm me and I can answer more questions if you want. Good luck and welcome to Akron !!!

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