Moving from NYC to Miami area... Where to work??


In a year I will be graduating with my BSN. I am done with NYC-- I want fresh air and the beach, but I would like to know your recommendations on the hospitals and where to work. Can you tell me a little of the pros and cons of being a RN in Florida?

How is the pay/standard of living/taxes/cost of living? I bet it is better than NYC (standard of living that is!) The best hospitals for new grads, maybe with a fellowship programs?

Specializes in Oncology/Haemetology/HIV.

Please review the very substantial number of threads regarding this topic, including the "why does everyone hate FL", and "Salary Hall of Shame".

The cost of living is low, but not so much that the backbreaking workload, poor ratios and low pay are worth it, in this nurse's opinion and in the opinions of many others It has also been hit harder than many places , by the recession.

Also, be careful how you calculate your pay. In many places, you will work very hard during "the season" yet lose many hours to low census off season.