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Moving from up north...brr

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by Creamsoda Creamsoda, ASN, RN (Member)

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Hey all,

Im a Canadian RN, and I am just wanting to get some info about the LA/ Orange county area. Ive been considering travel nursing in CA for a while. my boyfriend (we live commonlaw) has been looking at job transfers to CA so we can both go down. The area where he would be transfered to would be Costa Mesa which is in Orange county. Im just wondering how big that area is, and what hospitals are in the area. Also what is the cost of living like. I did a quick realestate search and housing prices seem pretty high-ie like for a condo...prices start from 350000 at minimum. How safe is the area? What we would probably do is I would get a travel assignment so the housing would be arranged, but I was just wondering how many hospitals are in close driving distance. I would prefer a larger teaching hospital, and my experience is in ICU. Im trying to reasearch some of this my self, but its pretty hard to see what the area is like, just from the city's internet site. So hopefully someone knows the area and can get back to me.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.