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I have read several posts on this website about salary, but it seems to be a couple years ago. I have 7 years' experience as a RN in cardiology as well as recovery. I was hoping for some advice about pay. It seems to be around $35 an hour from what I gather. I prefer not to work at Vanderbilt after what came out about them. I appreciate any advice. Thanks so much. 

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Hello, my response may be a little late, but I thought I'd respond anyway. I worked in the Nashville area not too long ago and hospitals were paying up to about $40-$45/hr, with some offering sign on bonuses as well. Vanderbilt was one of the lowest paying places from what I've heard from nurse acquaintances. I've come across some ads for hospital nursing positions that were paying about $50+ but I haven't seen those in a while. Seems like when the economy started slowing down the wages in the Nashville area dropped as well. I don't work in the area anymore, but just thought the info may help you. 

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