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Moving to Nashville - good/bad EDs?

by RBrainRN RBrainRN (New) New

Hello allnurses brain trust!

I am considering moving across the country to Nashville for a change of scenery. I have been a nurse for 2 years on a busy med-surg unit, and would like to transition to the ER. Do any of you Nashville ED nurses have recommendations about good EDs, or ones to stay away from? Are there any with a good new-to-specialty program? I'm doing research online but I would love to hear from some experienced nurses!

I am interested in trauma, burns, I am used to alcohol/drug withdrawal patients - I'm open minded.

Thank you so much!

LibraSunCNM, MSN

Specializes in OB. Has 10 years experience.

You would probably have more luck posting this to the Tennessee board. I just moved to Nashville and the three biggest hospitals are Vanderbilt, St. Thomas Midtown, and TriStar. All three of those then have smaller hospitals scattered around the suburbs. There are a few other hospitals but those are the biggies. I know nothing about the ERs specifically (I think Vandy is the biggest/most critical but I could be wrong). But again if you post to TN Nursing I bet you'll get a lot more help!

Good advice! I will do that - thank you!