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Hello All! I'm an ICU nurse with 3 years in the ICU, some med/surg and LTC experience. We're moving from the Midwest to Mesa, AZ in June. Any advice on where to go? I'm thinking Agency will give me the opportunity to look around at different hospitals. I'm thinking I might want a break from the ICU, but will probably want to stay bedside for a little while. Any agency better than the other? Thanks, Jenny


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Try Favorite healthcare first. I worked for them, nurse finders, and Maxim in the PHX area at different times. Nurse finders would have been my first choice but really went downhill after they were bought out by American Mobile Healthcare. You can request to be sent to different facilities depending on what they have for availability that day/night so you can get a feel of where you might want to apply. Also it might be good to just take a travel RN position. That way you have a furnished place to stay and an income while searching for a more permanent job. Agency work in PHX/Mesa can be very hit or miss. You might be able to work 3-4 shifts one week then only one shift the next week or two. PM me if you want some more detailed info. Good luck whatever you choose!!