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Hello everyone this is my first time posting something in this forum and I'm hoping to receive the answer I'm looking for. I'm currently attending a community college here in Los Angeles California. I have about three classes left till I am ready to enroll in the Nursing program. My husband and I have been talking about moving to Knoxville, TN with a couple of friends.

My question to you is, would I need to start from the beginning in order to get admitted into a program in TN or do I just need to take a couple of classes out in TN. Any suggestions??? I have no idea on what to do? I'm not sure if I should finish in school in California and then move out there or if I should simply move out to TN and finish school there. Any feedback is highly appreciated. Thank you!


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Well... I actually looked into nursing schools in that general area. I live in Hawaii and wanted to find a nursing school around Kentucky, as my grandmother lives there and I'd like to be within driving distance of her.

I would suggest looking into the schools in that area, going to their websites, and getting in contact with a nursing counselor to ask your questions. Every school is different and it's really hard to answer your questions because of that. I had to do this a year ago.. and it was sooo time consuming. I probably went through every single school in MO, KY, TN. I ended up finding a school that fit exactly what I needed in STL, MO (which is still close to G-Ma). I personally didn't find a school that fit what *I* was looking for in TN but that's just me.

Really, it's going to come down to what you want to do.

To answer your question to the best of my ability I would say that some schools award more points for the amount of credits you have earned at that particular institution (and therefore it would hurt your chances as a "transfer student" from out of town) but most look at everyone the same.

Some schools have wait lists, some schools don't.

The prereqs for NS are pretty universal so since you seem to have most of them completed for a school in LA, you should be pretty on track for TN (or other states)

I found this site particularly helpful when I initially started looking for schools in areas that I have never lived/visited/knew anything about. I have noticed that not all schools are listed here, but a fair amount are:

Maybe someone attending NS in TN can give you more specific information but I hope I helped. Good Luck!

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