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Hello! We are seriously thinking of moving to Boise, Idaho area, from Oklahoma. We have some family up there and loved the area when we visited. Would like to have some input on what it's like to live there, how the nursing field is, average pay rate, how schools are. We have a second-grader, and I've been an RN for a couple years.

Just want to make sure we make the right decision for our family.

Thank you for your responses!

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I teach at Idaho State University on the southeastern side of Idaho, but we have several students who come from the Boise area each year to participate in our ADRN program. Those students have nothing but good things to say about the Boise area - it still has that small town attitude but many of the advantages of a large town.

The two major hospitals over there are St. Lukes (St. Luke's - Idaho Health System) and St. Alphonsus (Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center | Boise, Idaho). You can look at those websites and see the facility's job openings. There is also Intermountain Hospital at - Intermountain Hospital.

Wages vary greatly throughout Idaho, so hopefully a Boise nurse will respond to your posting, but in southeastern Idaho I know my graduating students are getting about $24.16 per hour before shift differential.

As to education in Idaho - you could get some really varied answers on that one! Opinions seem to go to the extremes when talking about Idaho educational funding and priorities. But regardless of the opinions, kids still learn and graduate.

Thank you so much for all the good info! :)

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Our family planned our move to Boise for the entire 2 years I was in nursing school! We have been here 5 years and still feel like we are on vacation!! We moved here because of the schools and relaxed attitudes (came from Vegas) and we don't regret it for one single second. Our kids have had some fantastic teachers and we have made some really great friends.

The pay was low for what I would have started at in Vegas as a new grad. I worked at St. Luke's (highly recommend it...awesome hospital) and started just below $20/hr before diff. That hurt, but the move was for our kiddos, so it was worth the paycut. I just left West Valley (in Caldwell) mostly because I felt extremely underpaid at just over $23/hr (and I worked there for almost 4 years). I am now venturing out on my own ('s possible!!) as a Certified Foot Care Nurse. :cheers:

We live in Meridian and love it!

Car registration is super low, gas seems about 15 cents higher than Nevada, we are taxed on groceries :bluecry1:, we have state income tax, car insurance/homeowners is much cheaper than where we were. We have 4 mild seasons, tons of outdoor things to do (going jet skiing today!) water parks, go kart tracks, Meridian Speedway race track (my 13 year old races a real car there!) and sports.

Good luck to you and your family! Idaho is awesome!

Thanks for the input! We are going to make a decision soon, I hope! Here in OK we don't start out much more than that, and we already pay tax on food, so that won't be an adjustment for me! :rolleyes: Congrats on your new endeavor! That is awesome!!!! :yelclap:

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Hi did you apply for the license, i have a question i did my fingerprints on the cad they send me..but do i still have to do the FBI record thing, if i do that means i have to do my fingerprints electronically and get charged again? any info will be greatly appreciated. thanks.:up:

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this should get you to the "forms" section on the BON website. Hopefully that will answer your questions on the fingerprint/FBI thing.

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I work for St. Luke's Health System and I hear mixed feelings on working for St. Luke's vs Saint Al's. I have friends who got hired on with Saint Alphonsaus in Nampa at $26/hr as a new grad RN. I know the starting wage at St. Luke's is $21.50/hr for a new grad (at least at Magic Valley, which Boise repeatedly tells us is the same as in Boise).

Personally, I feel under-appreciated with St. Luke's. They are very patient-centered and provide great care, but sometimes it's at the expense of the employees. I've always heard great things about working for Saint Alphonsaus. By the way, these are both religious, private, not-for-profit hospitals. St. Luke's does not emphasize the religious aspect much at all; Saint Alphonsaus is a Catholic hospital and it is pretty evident when you walk down the halls.

West Valley Medical Center in Caldwell is owned by HCA (Hospital Corporation of America), if you've ever heard of them. This is the largest hospital network in the US. I worked for a hospital they own in Idaho Falls and loved, but I hear a lot of mixed feelings there too.

All in all, if you have experience I wouldn't settle for less than $25/hr in the Boise area. Boise is a beautiful area with a lot of big-city features and a small town feel. Just be aware that you are basically locked into either St. Luke's Health System or the Trinity Health System (Saint Alphonsaus). Good luck!

We moved to SW Idaho from the midwest 8 years ago and love it here. The weather is beautiful and we love all the outdoor activities available here. The cost of living is also lower than where we were before.

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this should get you to the "forms" section on the BON website. Hopefully that will answer your questions on the fingerprint/FBI thing.

thanks...i actually sent my packet...hopefully it wont take to hoping weeks.

Hey all,

just posting to see if Millie405 ever moved to Boise!

my husband and I are contemplating a move to the Boise area in the next 1-3 years. I'm expecting a significant paycut (I'm currently working in the San Francisco Bay Area, where RNs in hospitals start over $50/hour).

If if you moved, are you loving it?

Other folks who are there now, would you say t still has that small town feel with big city medicine?


Hoping to get a response even though this post is really old! I am moving to Pocatello after graudation in May, and jobs for new grads in Pocatello?

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