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Hey, im 18 and im going to school in the summertime for nursing. i live in ohio right now but im moving to florida. probably in the bradenton/sarasota area. i was wondering if anyone could tell me what the starting salarys are for RN's/LPN's or any type of nurse. I was also looking into being a pediatric nurse. i dont know.. im confused!!

PLZ if anyone has any information (suggestions, experiences..etc.) for me tell me! I also would like to hear from current nurses what its like and how you like it. This would help me 100%. THNX!!


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I believe the starting salaries in the area are in the upper teens and low 20's. Probably lower than what Ohio pays.

Good luck. There are some good hospitals in the area. I hear good things about Sarasota Memorial, and their higher salaries.


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I did some research online and I read that down south nurses made $10,000 more a year. My friends cousin is a nurse and I think she said she made 17 or 18 to start (in ohio) . Or somewhere around that amount..

Thats why I came to this site to find out from other people what the real deal was

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