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Looking into moving back to Florida by next July. Gonna be taking my prereqs here in Illinois for the LPN program. I know my current job at a pharmacy has locations in Daytona Beach, Sanford, Orlando, and Tampa/Bradenton areas. Just wondering which school in each areas has a good LPN program and how long the wait list is. Just want reviews from people that have actually attended the schools in those areas.

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I recommend you go into a RN program where you graduate with a BSN.

Would have been beneficial to list which schools has a good RN program. I am looking into the RN program. Gonna talk to my advisor at my current CC here in IL about it .. just wanting to dive into LPN for experience and also have a better paying job to pay for my classes towards an RN degree. I'm currently a Pharmacy Tech making only $10.30/hr =/

You've got 3 pretty big areas there. Daytona is probably going to be UCF's Daytona branch for a BSN (maybe 1 or 2 others that I dont know about!?) and a handful of CCs + private schools for LPN/ADN. Depending where in Daytona you live, you could potentially do the drive to St. Augustine or Jax, too.

But in ORlando and Tampa? I'd guess you have dozens of choices (TONS). And those 2 areas are so big that it really depends on which part of town you move to because you can spend an hour just driving 10 miles LOL

There are a lot of good RN programs in Florida. Narrow down where you're going (which area) and maybe people can give better advice on reputations, costs, etc?! Also, the search function on this website works really well. I have spent a ton of time googling schools in my areas and then coming here to put the name in the search and read! A lot of great information on people who have applied or asked questions!

Good luck in your decision (and welcome back to the sunshine state!! :yelclap:)

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Since you narrowed it down to between Tampa and Daytona. USF or UCF but, you must have awesome grades for either. There are other smaller schools, private ones like University of Tampa or Bethune Cookman those will kill your pockets $$$$$. You may not get a job as an LPN. In fact once you get an RN license, the LPN experience means nothing to employers. Just thought I let you know. You want to contact the Florida RN schools about what qualifies as transfer credits. That is going to be your biggest concern because you are out of state.

Thanks, ladies.

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