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Moving to Eglin AFB...any advice?

kristnRN kristnRN (New) New

Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone lives or has ever lived in the past near eglin afb? I will be moving there in May and are a little overwhelmed when looking at all the hospitals/clinics in the area. I would love to find a hospital that offers a baylor program but they never mention it on their websites of course. Any advice about the area, hospitals to check into or avoid, etc would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!!!

We lived their for 3 yrs. due to my husband being stationed their at Hurlburt Field. Hospital on base and hospital downtown called Ft. Walton Beach Medical Center where I worked as a float LPN then. Slow area, beachy, great shopping in Destine, was really building up when we were leaving. Still have friends their who love it. North Western Florida State College in Niceville which is not far away. Crest view area is nice and has built up a lot. Navare is great area also and from Eglin to Pensacola would take you about maybe 45 minutes to get the area and mall. Eglin is in Ft. Walton Beach and they also have a mall and was adding on before we left. The activities are centered around the beach life so if you like boating, swimming, water, then kool. Panama city about 1.5 hrs away. So this should give you some help, it was great but we retired in Orlando.

I will be relocating to Eglin in June as well. I wish you luck in your job search! I'm sure we will find something :)