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Hello all! I am a new grad moving to the Knoxville area in a few months. Would anyone mind giving me a heads up on what to expect in my job search? I am from St. Louis where the jobs are plentiful and the pay is a little above average for a RN. I just don't know what to expect with this move. Thanks so much in advance!!

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Here is a list of Knoxville area hospitals. Iowa pays their nurses near the bottom payscale for the nation. The average range is $18-$25. Welcome to Iowa! (Knoxville hospital) (nearby Pella) (Des Moines) (Des Moines) (Chariton) (Albia) (Oskaloosa) (Newton) (Grinelle)

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Tanzanite thank you so much for the reply and the warm welcome!

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I currently work in the ER at Knoxville Hospital after a stint of travel nursing since the summer of 2007. i just love it here and the atmosphere at the hospital is so warm and friendly. Worked at Iowa Methodist ER for 16 years and worked at Mercy-Des Moines for 3 years. I still like the smaller critical-access hospitals the best (much less politics!). I don't see all the trauma I did in Des Moines, but now for me it's all about quality and not quantity.

I hope you find just the right fit here in the Knoxville area!

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