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Moving to Columbus, OH early next year. What hospitals should I look in to?

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I am currently working as a Registered Nurse on an Acute Stroke unit. This is my first RN job and I will have about 1.5 years experience when we relocate. I am looking to move to Columbus, OH and I know there are several of hospitals in that area. Really enjoying Neuro and would like to move on to Emergency or Critical Care some time in the next few years. Just looking for advice on the different hospitals as well as what kinds of challenges I may be up for having little experience. Not sure what the job market is like at this time in that area or what the pay and benefits would be like. I am specifically interested in the OhioHealth system since they seem to have a lot of variety and options to explore as I develop my career. Excited about this new journey and any information or advice is appreciated!

I live in Columbus. The job market is great here. There is the Ohio State hospital system. It's a wonderful company to work for. A lot of good benefits. I work for Nationwide Children's. Ohiohealth is good. There is also Mount Carmel. The best two I seem to hear is Nationwide Children's and Ohio State. They come with a lot of perks within the community (reduced rent and discounts). Good luck!

Thank you so much for your feedback! Reading some of the older threads on here is a little nerve racking because they say there are no new grad positions available. Most of them are at least a couple of years old and I will have over a year of experience, so hoping that will help. Thanks again :) I'm looking forward to researching some of these hospitals!

Yes. The nursing field was kind of full a couple years ago. But it definitely has come back around. People from states away are being told to move to Columbus to get a nursing job. The outlook is great! Good luck!


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Riverside is a stroke center and has a neuro critical care and a great ED. With a year experience, I think you would be good.