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My wife and I are moving to Camp Pendleton and I was hoping someone could point us in the right direction for schools. I'm a nurse, however she is going to go back to school to become a pharmacist - she's recently looked at transferring to local schools such as UC San Diego and CSU, however it seems as though the schools 'fill up' quickly (She can't even apply for the Fall semester at UC since they aren't taking any more applicants). I was just wondering, does anyone have any school suggestions for reputable schools in the area that I may not have listed? Where we're from, getting into school isn't all that difficult, so this is new to us.

My wife has a bachelor's degree, and we're going to need to have her take about 4 semesters of chemistry and physics - any suggestions? Quality of education is important, we are not interested in going to for-profits of any form. Thank you for your help!

So she has to retake/take some of her prereqs still? If that's the case, try any City Colleges in the area. It's much cheaper than CSU and UC. I'm not from SD area, so try googling to see any City Colleges around the area.

As to the actual pharmacy school, my friend is currently in the UCSD pharm school, and she enjoys it. The first year is sort of a "gen ed," since the pharm students take a lot of classes with the Med school students. After that first year, they start to branch out into pharmacy-core classes.

Good luck and happy hunting. :)

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