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Moving from CA to OR, rural towns?

Hi all!

I'm going to be moving from Northern California to Oregon by next year. I am an experienced ER RN. I am planning on pursuing my masters in midwifery through an online university which requires preceptership from a local midwife. Would love to live in a less populated location, but also be close enough to a bigger, family friendly, town (within 15 miles or so). Would love to be close to a lake or coastal. Might look into buying, so house affordability is a plus.

Any suggestions?

I'm hoping to move to the central Oregon coast sometime soon, so I keep an eye out on jobs there. Newport is a good sized town with a growing hospital. 30 minutes north of that is Lincoln City (crappy) which has a (run-down looking) 25 bed critical access hospital. Another 30 minutes north is the Tillamook hospital which is a much nicer looking 25 bed critical access hospital. I've seen recent openings for ER and LDRP RNs at all those hospitals. There are lots of nice communities along the coast that are smaller and in a commute-able distance from those hospitals.

I'm sure there's more nice rural areas with hospitals in Oregon, those are just what I've looked at myself. Oh, I see a lot of postings for the Coos Bay hospital too, but I don't know anything about it.

Thanks for the advice! They are good leads :) What's your nursing specialty?

I am not a big fan of coos bay. It's beautiful but I would get to know it before I gave any serious consideration. 3 days was enough for me

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Providence has a hospital in Seaside, which is on the coast but just a couple hours from Portland. Seaside is lovely and I've heard Providence is a great employer.