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Moving to BR with 6 mo experience as RN

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Hi there -- my husband got a job at LSU and we will be moving to Baton Rouge in a couple of months. I graduated from a solid second degree BSN program in Washington DC in May and have been working up here as an RN since July at the big regional hospital here, splitting my time between a neuro floor and a neuro IMC. My hospital has an RN residency program, so I've been getting some extra learning in as I've been working but still feel like a new grad in a lot of ways!

I'm excited to move down there but really nervous about getting a job in BR with only about 6 months of experience. Can anyone offer some advice about which hospitals to apply to, what to include in my resume, etc?

Thank you!!

Sorry no help but I'm following. We're moving there too.

It'll be easy to find a job, I graduated from nursing school in New Orleans. The schools and clinicals are much more rigorous than in other places which makes getting an RN job right out of school a breeze. They don't view New grads like other places does. I moved to Virginia after graduating in May and still can't find a decent job, everyone just keeps saying they require a year experience but yet nobody will hire. They all seem shocked or almost as if they can't believe the amount of clinical experience I have but with the crazy amount of large hospitals in New Orleans you shouldn't have any problems getting on anywhere, especially being that you do already have some experience. Good luck and you'll love it there!


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I'm from Louisiana but I live in the DC area -- you'll be fine. Just take a bit of time to research where you want to be (what hospitals). As a Louisianian, I can tell you that how you present yourself (friendly, well dressed, good manners) will pretty much open any door. I know that sounds nuts, but ... you've got the paper, you've got experience and you have good references (right?) -- throw a little polish on it and you're in, no issues --> my opinon.

BTW, what school did you go to, if you don't mind me asking?


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Hope u found something!

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