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Could someone who has moved from Ontario to another province give me some insight as to what to do with my CNO membership once I move?

If I am planning to practice in another province and live there for 10+ years, do I just resign my membership?

If I choose to move back to Ontario in the distant future, will I have issues reinstating my membership?


Thank you!

VikkiPink, RN

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I moved out of province once I graduated, and I held a license there under another designation with the CNO. 

I kept my license for the first year as active, just in case I decided to move back. I Had it as non practicing for the next year or two after, just so it would be easier.

Now I have it as resigned status.

I'm not sure if it would be difficult to reactivate. You would need to re-apply but they would have proof of your education and all your documents from before, all you would require would be an updated background check, and for the other college to verify your license there and that it is in good standing, as well as confirm your practice hours via employer.

CNO is VERY slow to respond and do things, it took me about a month to get my info to a third province because of them. But it is doable and not all that difficult once they get around to it. 

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Hi. I'm still keeping my registration with CNO after leaving to the US since I am on temporary TN visa here. Then I don't need to worry about the paperworks when I decided to go back. The CNO yearly renewal fee is at least the cheapest amongst other provinces. The US State BON renewal I'm in is every 2 years and much cheaper so that helps. 

Although, I managed to get a Nova Scotia registration and didn't renew since but definitely can reactivate if I decided in the future with the paperworks needed. 


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Hi Hypnotizer90,

I am an RN from Ontario and am also licensed in Minnesota. I am planning to do travel nursing in USA. I am considering Ohio along with Texas. For the TN visa process, did you do it own your own or through an agency. I am also looking for good agencies. I am also wondering should I do TN visa process on my own, because they charge you anyway. Is it a complex process. I will appreciate your input. 

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Hi. I applied direct thru a hospital so I’m a staff nurse for 3 years or until I quit. My other friend works for a travel agency and she’s in Cali now, previously NY. I’m not into traveling RN right now because  I wanted to have ICU experience first. 

You need an employer to give you “employer letter”  as requirement for TN but you could start getting the other requirement:

1. Original TN request letter signed by your employer
2. Original Canadian passport
3. Original BSN degree; Canadian RN Registration; US State RN license
4. Original CGFNS - VisaScreen Certificate
5. $50 USD for TN application fee and $6 USD for I-94 card.

Have you heard of MultiState/Compact license? Texas belongs to one. You could use MultiState Texas RN license to work in other MultiState State.  


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Thank you  for your and and suggestions. I am licensed in Minnesota, which is not part of compact states. So I am unsure if after getting endorsement to Texas or Ohio, I will a single state or Multistate license. My feeling is single state. You had mentioned in # 4 about original CGFNS-visa screen certificate ( do you mean when I got assessment for Minnesota license). If that is what you meant, It was done many years ago and I am unsure if I have that record. I can ask CGFNS about it.

I am trying to figure out if it is better to get TN visa by myself and try different states, or work with an agency for a specific assignment.


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Hi. Your RN license will be single state if you’re address is still in Canada. Once you got your US address with valid US ID and fingerprinted, update the Declaration of Residency form then the Board can change your single status to MultiState license. 

CGFNS Visa Screen is different from CGFNS CES to CGFNS certificate for NCLEX. CGFNS keeps Visa Screen paperworks for 5 yrs then deleted unless you pay extra for them to be kept. But I find that each US State has different requirement on endorsement.

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