should i move straight on to get my RN or work as a LPN for now?

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I am closing in on finishing my LPN program and my original plan was to transition straight into the ADN program and get my RN. I know that most LPN's work in LTC facilities and that doesn't really bother me. I know most of my fellow classmates are horrified at the thought of working in a nursing home but I kind of like it (at least for now). I can go straight into the RN program at my school but the program is demanding and I guess I am a little worried that I won't be able to work and go to school while raising a 14 year old girl. (she is in need of more supervision now it seems than when she was a baby, ha!) I know in the end it is worth it. I know that I don't really want to spend my career passing meds at a nursing home or being under-used in a profession that devalues LPNs. From what I have heard from other practicing LPNs is that they feel like glorified aides, especially in the hospital setting where they are barely allowed to hang antibiotics. But I also don't want to barely scrape by anymore either. I don't want to have to choose to pay less on the electric bill so that I can afford to buy my kid's homecoming dress. Part-time isn't really an option since I require student loans to pay for school and I can't get them if I am part-time. If I could find a weekend job as a LPN while I finish out my program that would be great. I am not sure what to do at this point. But i know that if I quit now i may never finish. grr!!!

Either way, it is up to you depending upon your situation. It may be easier to go straight through the RN program without the hassle of dealing with a job at the same time. Your daughter could be a problem to either plan. Mine was at the same age when I was trying to juggle school and jobs. You just have to deal with it. I can tell you one thing from experience though. Start working and it will get harder and harder to go back to school. You may never finish, as you said. I would advise to go straight through, get it over with, the sooner the better.

Imo one of the benefits of being a nursing student with a lpn license is you can work and make decent money while you continue your education or take a break and make decent money before pursuing your RN. People have a lot to say about the role of rn's, lpn's, etc., etc., most of it isn't true or it's their perception which might not be yours so all you can do if you get an offer you want to accept is go for it and see for yourself. There are also online/distance learning lpn to bsn programs so if you decide to take a job this could be an option.

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