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Mount Royal University Nursing - Sept. 2012

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Just wondering if there are any other future MRU students starting in the nursing program this September?

I received my acceptance package a couple weeks ago and I could not be more excited!

I've applied but still waiting on my applications they said end of April. I'm so nervous it's killing me since apparently I dint meet the early acceptance GPA.

I just checked again today it says "waitlist" instead of pending.

What exactly does that mean does anyone know?

The website says this regarding waitlists:




[TD]Your chance of being admitted off of a waitlist into your intended program at Mount Royal will depend on a number of factors including your position on the waitlist and how quickly that waitlist moves. Some program waitlists tend to move faster than others and the number of students we accept into each program varies. A space may become available if another applicant does not accept our offer of admission, doesn’t complete their admission requirements by the deadline provided, or decides not to attend. You may be offered admission into your waitlisted program at any time throughout the admission cycle and up until classes begin. Waitlists can move substantially throughout the admission cycle.

We were told we had to pay our deposit by March 31 to reserve our spot, so I imagine there could be a big move next week.




Hey Lolo5,

my gpa was pretty high but im still doing 3 winter courses that won't be done untill the end of april or mid may. do you think thats why i got waitlisted?

and is there a way to find out what spot i am on the wait list

You could try contacting the Nursing Academic Advisors? They may be able to give you an idea. Are you from Alberta or Calgary? Maybe they give preference to Albertans? I have no idea how this whole process works.

I called them this morning and asked why I was waitlisted. They said the program was at capacity and I asked her if it was because my GPA was low she said no. I'm kinda confused as to why I was waitlisted my GPA is high but she said they're compiling a list and that ill get a letter.

So apparently the GPA this year was 3.85. That's insanely high but I don't think I should be far off the waitlist since im at a 3.73. Gah im so worried.

That is ridiculously high! I can't believe that they would have enough people applying with such a high GPA that people with a 3.73 would get wait listed! How did you find this out?

I called admissions this morning and the advisor said it was extremely high this year (3.85). I asked her about my gpa and she said it was 3.73 on my last 4 courses. If you don't mind me asking what was your gpa?

Well if they only used the last 4 classes to calculate GPA then I would have a 3.91

Okay that's probably why you got accepted then. UGH I guess it was a bad idea to take anatomy and stats/micro in one semester that brought my gpa down quite abit.


So I'm near the top of the waitlist (28th) out of 430 people. The cut off this year was 83% for highschool and 3.8 for university route. I find it stupid that a 83% is calculated as equivalent to a 3.8 ...university classes are alot harder than high school. Anyways she said my chances were good but Im still nervous. If I don't get in this year ill spend another year in limbo -_-

Yeah that is pretty ridiculous. Also I find it strange that they calculate gpa based on only your 4 most recent courses. That's great that you are so high up on the list, I really hope you get in! Do you know how many students are in the program each year?

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They accept 320 every fall and apparently have over 900 applications.

I'm so confused with mount royal. So they reviewed my 4 fall courses with a 3.7 gpa and I was wait listed since the early admission cut off is 3.8. I think the reason they have a huge waitlist is because high school people can self-report grades they haven't even earned yet.

They aren't clear on how they calculate final admission (whether on 4 fall course or 5 winter courses). If anyone knows please feel free to post.