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hi, eveybody im so bummed. I feel like no matter which way or how i study i get nowhere when it comes to theses test. The school i attend is on a trimester schedule and this quarter isnt going as well as i hope. Not saying that it is going like bad but i have so much potiental. I have 3 more classes after today in chem and a/p and then a final. How do i study for this i have tried reading over my notes which helped more and saying it out loud which helped me more. For chemistry i just dont know what to do and i feel really dumb sasying that because i do very well wit chem and math.

I just want a very decent gpa tis quarter and very high gpa's next quarter considering the fact that the nursing schools that I am applying to averege for this year classes was a 3.6-3.7 which i know i can get beyond that. Theses test are really just messing me up.

ANY] suggestions i dont want to give up because it is my passion to become a nurse . Im starting to lack faith though

How are these tests set up? Multiple choice? Fill-in the blank? Does the professor tell you ahead of time what kind of tell he/she will be giving? It is good to know ahead of time what kind of test you ll be taking.

Regardless of the layout, when I study I usually anticipate what kind of questions the professor will ask in a test. For example in A & P -- what structure separates the atria and ventricles? or whatever material you are currently working on...look at the material and see what kind of questions they professor will make them into. A&P is very important and essential to get it down pat in your mind. You ll understand once you get into Fundamental of Nursing...

Hope this helps...

Good Luck ....

PS. make sure you sleep, too! if, possible go for a light run before your test to the blood flowing in your body... you ll think better =)