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I listen to music to get motivation. I like hero by Maria Carey. I want to ask whether you know and like songs in that style.

I started the semester with chemistry and anatomy, pysiology, priniciple of nursing, sociology and psychology.

anatomy is difficult since there is a lot of concepts to learn.

we started principle of nursing by learning how to make beds for patients. I did not like that. it is as if the nurse is a servant.

i liked pysiology because i learn about human and animals body. it is interesting.

i guess chemistry is used for culculating medicine.

that is enough for now.



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For motivation ... if I do not study and make good grades, then they will kick me out and there goes the past year and a half of my life wasted and I'll be a big bum


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I really don't think that learning to make beds puts the nurse in a "servant" role. When you start nursing school, there is a right way to do everything. And making a bed, especially if there is a person in it, is a skill that you do not learn in the "outside world". There is nothing that a CNA can do that a nurse can't do, and I am not above anything that will benefit my patient. If it were one of my children, the least I would do is straighten out their bedsheets, wash their face, and brush their teeth. I also would not let them sit in their own waste for any length of time. This is caring behavior, not servant behavior.

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we started principle of nursing by learning how to make beds for patients. I did not like that. it is as if the nurse is a servant.

Sorry to shatter your bubble but...

Nurses ARE servants. Nursing is the ultimate service industry. If you don't want to serve other people - your patients - then nursing ain't the place.

Oh, and it gets much worse than just making their beds. Sometimes you feed them, sometimes you wipe their butts, sometimes you brush their teeth...

As to making beds, did they teach you about the importance of avoiding pressure points - wrinkles/creases on the sheets that your patients may be laying on? For an immobile patient, creases become pressure points and pressure points lead to skin breakdown... skin breakdown can lead to all kinds of severe and horrifying results.

How 'bout something simple like brushing teeth? Did you know that good oral hygiene is directly related to reducing the rates of pneumonia? It may seem like a trivial, subservient action but it's one with clear clinical benefits to your patients.

Oh, and for me, my motivation came from my desire to become an excellent nurse. (I like to study to Mozart and Vivaldi.)


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My motivation is a combination of high personal standards for my own achievement coupled with a desire to complete my program in the shortest practical time so I can move back home and be with my family.

I don't study with music on often, but sometimes have talk-radio or the television on in the background. I try to set time limits so I don't feel like I'll be sitting here staring as notes for hours without a break. For instance, I'll decide I'm going to study Pharmacology for 1 hour and then watch a TV show I like or call my sister to chat.

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