Mother of 3 starting the BSN program(full 4 years) on January 8th



I am starting the BSN program which is full 4 years at my college.

I will be starting on January 8th and I am freaking out,I am afraid I won't be able to make it,English is not my mother language and I am living in USA for last 3 years.I do have college experience as I was in MD school in my home country but I am still afraid.

Ah and I am married with 3 kids,The youngest one is 2 years old.

I will be very appreciative if there are any moms passing through same situation,process and are willing to share their experience with me.

How do you study?how do you have time for family?Studying tips?

Thank you to all who took the time and read my post

I also have 3 children and am enrolled in a BSN program (3 years). I'm about halfway through. Yes, it's hard, but I think you will be fine, as long as you have support and good childcare options. My kids are older than yours (youngest is 9) and therefore are more independent. However, I could not do nursing school without a supportive husband and friends who pick up my 9 year old from school (I work also). Your English sounds great to me and the fact that you were an MD gives you a huge advantage in nursing school. Good luck and congratulations!