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My baby is under phototherapy and meanwhile got red buttock. Should I use butt balm or vit A&D cream for the buttock? Should I cover the genital with diaper?

Any expert opinion?;)


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I have always kept the diaper on (for obvious reasons) while under phototherapy, therefore have never experienced any "sunburn" type effects. Perhaps the lights are positioned to close to the skin?

Not sure which cream to use but definitely cover the genitals and make sure the eyes are covered as well. Also, inspect the skin for other reddened areas.

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Your baby's red bottom is most likely due to irritation from stooling, rather than "sunburn" from the lights. The light from phototherapy units is not from the burning spectrum, and will not harm clean, dry skin. When bilirubin is passed out through the stool, it can be very irritating to the skin, causing redness and excoriation. Be sure to promptly change any wet or soiled diaper to help minimize skin irritation. Keeping the baby's bottom open to the air is the quickest way to clear up a rash, but not always practical. If you use any type of ointment such as A&D or Desitin on the baby's bottom be sure to keep it covered with a diaper, as the phototherapy lights in combination with ointments can cause greater irritation. Good luck to you and your precious little one!

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Caldescene powder worked like a charm, as did lotrimin fungal cream, applied first...

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