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Do CRNA schools focus on particular classes when admitting students? I have a science GPA of around 3.8, but my overall GPA is 3.52. Will I be just an average applicant or above?


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I would say their biggest focus is science! You are definitely above average from my experiences.

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There are two things that are looked at for admissions. One is overall GPA and second is your science GPA. Your overall science GPA is one of the few things that have been shown to positively correlate to pass rates in nurse anesthesia school.

You will be competing against that years cohort of applicants so how you stack up varies from year to year, but overall I would say slightly better than average depending on your GRE score.


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I was just accepted to a CRNA program, my BSN GPA: 3.45, science GPA: 3.82, and the program didn't require the GRE. When I interviewed, they mentioned that they liked I had taken upper level classes in chemistry and biology, specifically biochemistry. Please remember though, there are a lot of other factors besides GPA to be considered for admission, like ICU experience, GRE, CCRN, etc.


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thanks for the responses. I still have a ways to go before I apply to school. I'm currently working tele, and hope to get into our ICU within 6 months. Just wanting to see where my GPA stands in terms of competitiveness.