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Most Efficient FS Protocol


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Hey everyone! I recently returned to working in a SNF after doing 3 years in home health. I'm finding my groove pretty quickly, as I did LTC before. I have a question about doing my FS, though.

I usually have 18-23 patients. Typically 5-6 will be ac and HS finger sticks/sliding scale. Some with scheduled insulin as well.

I was wondering- is it more efficient to stop the med pass 30 minutes before trays are passed, take the finger sticks, administer any needed coverage/scheduled insulin, and then resume the med pass?

I have a few coworkers who just start med pass straight away, doing the diabetics first.

Some just do the med pass, and when it gets close to dinner they jump to the diabetics; giving them their 5p meds as well while doing the FS, etc.

I'd welcome any advice. I'm all about efficiency, and we've hired a number of new grads with no experience recently who have asked me what the best way to tackle this is... I don't want to give them an answer when I myself don't have a nails down routine yet. :)

Thanks in advance!

Forever Sunshine, ASN, RN

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It depends if I have 1-2 finger sticks I do them with the med pass and get them before the meal starts.

But you said you have 5-6. Maybe go around and do those people first. Or get the fingerstick reading and give the insulin. Then do meds separate.