Most comfortable nursing shoes???


I need to purchase my first pair of shoes before I start school and am looking for some feedback on comfortable shoes. TIA

RN yogi

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Dansko XP pro. They'll cost you an arm and a leg and I'm not sure if you can get them in white, but they are by far the best shoes I ever put my feet I into.


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I hate dansko XP pro. Worst $120 I ever spent. They don't have half-sizes so I had to buy them too big and my feet flop all over the place in them. Maybe in winter they'll fit with a pair of wool socks! They're also hard as a rock, so I have to put band-aides on the bony parts of my feet to protect them. I wore sneakers (I know, not ideal in nursing) and nurse mates. The nurse mates were decent.


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I am having the some problems. I settled on the Quark White Pro Air for now. I found a pair locally for $25. If these don't make the cut I am going to switch to a New Balance or Reebok wide white leather walking shoe.


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Alegrias!! Feels like you are walking on pillows!