More MSN bridge programs in near future?


Okay everyone, dust off your crystal balls or call into the psychic hotline.:D Do you think there will be more MSN bridge programs in the near future? I'm finding a few, but they are all private schools and cost a GRIP! I am asking b/c I have a non-nursing BS and I am planning (for $$$ and time reasons) to enter an ADN program in August. Currently, my long term career goal is to become a NP (probably PNP). My plan is to get my ADN (about 5k out of pocket) and work as an RN for a couple of years to learn my craft and find my niche. Then, hopefully using tuition assistance from employer, I plan to get my MSN. I don't necessarily want to get a BSN. I am older (32) and don't have the time or $$$ to do any more "back tracking". I am hoping that more MSN bridge programs for people with non-nursing BS's will develop over the next five years. What do you think? It looks like RN-BSN programs are exploding. Think it will happen for MSN bridge too?