Moorpark College Spring 2015 Applicants


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Hi Ladies,

congrats on your acceptances! I am still waiting..keeping my fingers crossed.

Good luck and don't give up. The RSVP deadline is Friday so I would call if I didnt hear anything.


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This Friday?

I just sent an email, I hope they reply soon :down:


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Good luck to both of you! It looks like I didn't get accepted.I just received an email that letters were sent out already.

And the waiting game continues...


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I got in to the program too! I wanted to chime and get to know my peers as soon as possible. I can't wait to meet and to start the program with you ladies!


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hello everyone that got accepted! For someone who is considering applying, I wanted to see how many points you all had to compare with? Thank you!


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Are all of you still in the program? I start next month, and would love any info or pointers!