Moorpark College ADN Program Spring 2019

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Hi everyone!!

I realized there wasn't a thread yet for Spring 2019 applicants, so I wanted to create one for us to be able to communicate through this process together!

Best of luck to you guys :)

Have you received an invitation for the teas test ??

No I have not...the waiting is ridiculous!

Just took my Teas today. Now the waiting game.

I applied with a petition for all 3 bios since they were passed the recency requirement. I took the Teas on the 28th and received a call today (10/2) informing me that they approved my petition. They said, if I'm accepted, I'll hear back by mid October. If I'm denied, I'll hear something early November. I'm so nervous!

Hello everyone, best of luck to you all. Anyone know their approximate points?

Approx. 82.5 pts. Hoping that'll be enough for the merit based portion. We'll see. What are yours?

If I already took the teas and submitted my scores to them online, was I still supposed to get an invite to take it? Because I never did so I'm thinking that's an indicator that I didn't get in.. Thoughts?

I just got my acceptance call today! Good luck guys!

I got my acceptance call today!!!Good luck to everyone waiting!

Congrats guys!! Do you mind sharing how many points you had?

Not sure exactly but i calculated around 75

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