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10 months vs 3.5 years??????

ok here it is starting in jan, i will be starting at avila university for a full time 2 year program to get my radiology certifect. then after that im going to be going to KU to become an ultrasound tech. however i just found out that you can do all that in 10 months! would it be worth it to stay with my plan??? would the pay be the same who is more lickly to be hierd?????

and one last thing what does it pay starting out??? fresh out of school?? is it true that RN's make more than an ultrasound tech?? :confused: if so how much??? by the houre???:confused::confused::confused::confused::c onfused::confused: i also just found out that KU is not part of the AART program. How bad is that any info would be great!:D

classicdame, MSN, EdD

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You would need to talk to someone in the HR dept of a local hospital to learn the difference in rates between disciplines. Many have that info posted online or in binders in their office. Be sure you are not comparing apples to oranges. Also, remember that in 3.5 years you might be starting out at a better job as opposed to having just completed >2 years in a mediocre one.

OH Honey be very careful of that one. Many people complain of being ripped off by vocational schools selling ultrasound tech. There is a hoop hole in the registering for ARDMS that states you can apply for the exam if you work for 12 months as a tech "learn as a you go" so vocational schools will have a UT class and then tell you to work for a year and apply for the license....problem is ...no one will hire you. Look at the web sites of your local hospitals - are they asking for the ARDMS as a requirement? You need to really do you homework on this one. You need an approved CAAHEP school, call ARDMS , ask questions. Its a great career and pays fantastic, just do a little work beforehand. Good Luck

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I don't know a lot about these programs, but I do know someone who chose a 10 month sonography course over a 2 year (she already had a bachelors in another area)...sounded great, BUT she had to find HER OWN clinical area, and NO ONE in the area took students from the 10 month program! Big pain. Ask a LOT of questions! Good luck! :o)

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