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Hi, I was just accepted to clinical for Fall'15 on a wait list pending acceptance , I was wondering if this happened to anyone else and what is the likelihood of getting in.

Thanks so much!!!


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Hi ns92!

I also applied but had 3 courses in progress, and did not have enough points (3 or 4 points away) with the classes I had completed to make it in for the fall.

Unfortunately I cannot tell you the odds, but I would imagine that if you finish any pre-reqs you have left that it would bump you up on the points scale for January admissions.

Good luck either way :).

Did they tell you that you have a shot for spring?


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I was told at the Nursing information session that acceptance is based off of a point system. On my denial letter, it stated that those accepted for Fall/'15 had points ranging from 59.25 (or.75) to 80 (again not sure of the decimal points). I was only in the mid-50's considering I had 3 classes in progress (that comes out to over 20 possible points that I can have completed for the Spring cohort).

I am in NUR 106 now, and several people in my class were offered spots with points in the early to mid 60's (which puts them in the acceptance range). If I can keep my grades up during the summer (my only B in my completed pre-reqs was in A and P 1, everything else had an A) then yes, I should be a shoe in (**knock on wood**).

Are you a current MCCC student MsRobuste?

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no but i am looking to apply there for spring. I was curious if i would have a chance. have 2 pre-reqs left that would be completed in fall.

also do they only give points for what is completed or in progress too?


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I would strongly suggest that you attend a nursing information session, it will make things much easier to understand. Until you get a chance to head over to campus, maybe take a look at this link: https://wwws.mc3.edu/asps/nursing-petition/nsginfopack.pdf. This is the bare bones of what needs to be done to be considered for the program. The biggest thing I should point out is that you cannot apply without either being enrolled in NUR 106, or completed it. This is a special class that cannot be registered for without jumping through a few "hoops" (which isn't as scary as it sounds). Once again, it makes more sense to check out an info session :D.

Lastly no, students do not receive points for in progress courses... just completed ones.

Best of luck!


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Update: I was accepted for Spring '16 clinical admission (woop, woop!), and the accepted points spread for the upcoming semester had a range of 57.75-81.

Hope the points info helps anyone interested in MC3's nursing program :).