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Montefiore Nursing School Spring 2021

maryp630 maryp630 (New) New Pre-Student

Hey, Has anyone applied to the program yet?

Hey I was looking but their application still has 2019 form which im


22 hours ago, Akua said:

Hey I was looking but their application still has 2019 form which im


I submitted the application as is and will follow up tomorrow in regards to if the 2019 form is valid or not. I'll let you know!

I plan on applying with the next couple of weeks. Really hoping I get into the evening program. Does anyone know if it is hard to get in?


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Hello everyone,

I just mailed my application and the admission fee in today. I've been emailing CH but have not received an email back. I requested for all my transcripts to be mailed to Monte as well. I'm hoping I don't have any issues.

Hi everyone!

I submitted my application on 6/30. I received an email back confirming receipt, as well as a request for a missing transcript one of the schools I attended hadn't sent yet.

On 6/21/2020 at 4:12 PM, Akua said:

@maryp630 thanks for your response

I followed up on my application and they reviewed it as is even though the application says 2019. Just had to submit some documents that I missed by mistake they also pick up the phone if you call and have any questions! Hope this helps!

Yes I mailed my application this week. Very excited for the Spring 2021 term.

Hello ;)

I applied for the Spring semester 2021 evening program. I hope we get accepted. Did anyone get an invitation e-mail for taking the Kaplan exam?


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No, not yet. The deadline to register was 9/11. So I believe we have time 😬

Great! I registered for the pre-requisite classes. I am so nervous about the Kaplan!

Yea I got an email last month stating my application was received and reviewed. An invitation to take the Kaplan will be sent in October.

Thank you for the info!

Carmel Isabel, CNA

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Hey! 🙂

I too am applying to MSON Spr2021 semester. I heard the Kaplan exam is cancelled due to COVID.  I'm going confirming that when I stop in to drop off my application.  

Anyone know how the program is? Is it a good school/program? 

Hello Carmel ;)

Thank you for the info about the Kaplan, please let us know when you confirm with the school.  



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Hi! Everyone I also applied for the 2021 evening session.  

Q: Did everyone completed their prerequisites yet? I applied a few years ago,but bombed the KAT exam(had so much stress going on). Good Luck to all of us😊


Hi all!

Anyone know if the admissions office is still closed? I'm going to be in the neighborhood and thought I could drop off my application instead. Hoping there's a mailbox I can drop it off at.