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MONTCO ADN or West Chester accelerated BSN nursing program?

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I am planning to go back to school for nursing. I currently have a bachelor's in another non science related field but am going back to work after being a SAHM and am interested in nursing.

I am considering the ADN program through Montco or the accelerated BSN program through West Chester U. While I like the idea better of having a BSN, cost wise and schedule flexibility, I like the ASN program at Montco.

Anyone have feedback on either? I realize a BSN is probably better for long term management goals but its more than double the price and since I have a BSN already, I can do a bridge to MSN program later if I want that for management possibilities.

Help! Thanks so much.


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.. i currently have a bachelor's in another non science related field...

anyone have feedback on either? i realize a bsn is probably better for long term management goals but its more than double the price and since i have a bsn already, i can do a bridge to msn program later if i want that for management possibilities.


you hold a bachelors degree.

bsn means bachelor of science in nursing. unable to state one has that degree unless you've completed all the nursing education courses required by institution granting degree.

in order to enter ms in nursing program (msn), need to have bachelors in nursing degree first or complete requirements for bsn to msn prgroam which will add another year.

although cost is more upfront, if thinking about managerial or advanced practice role in near future, more prudent to do accelerated bsn program now as will be less costly in long run. look at msn program current requirements in schools might be interested in the future would be in your best interest. so many have had to back track and pay out $$$ to meet course requirments.

accelerated programs: the fast track to a nursing career

accelerated programs fact sheet

another option is masters entry program. only scchool in pa is at wilkes college.

master's nursing programs[

Opps, that was a typo on my part. I have a BA, not a BSN.

You are correct, it is better to look at the overall cost in the long run. I am just concerned if I can do a full time 17 month program with no break with 2 fairly young children.

Thank you so much for your feedback and for the links. :)


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Hi Jen -

I am graduating from MONTCO is 9 days. I love this school and I think the program creates good nurses that are in high demand. It is not an easy program and at least once every semester I wanted to quit - but I stuck it out and I am almost finished! MCCC also had a lot of reciprocity agreements with BSN programs.

Like you, I have a Bachelors (in Science), and looked at a BSN program. But truly, MCCC is the best deal for the money. It is not easy to get into however. They have one of the best pass rates on the NCLEX.

Many Hospitals have tuition reimbursement programs and if you get your ADN, they will pay or assist your getting a BSN and MSN.

BTW - I am a single mom raising three daughters. I get a small amount of child support, but have lived off student loans and multiple PT positions. If I can do it, anybody can!

Good Luck with your career!

Thank you so much for your feedback and congrats on your upcoming graduation! It is also nice to hear from a Mom with kids that went through the program and knowing it can be done! :)

Goodluck and thanks again for your advice and feedback.


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Did you consider any other second degree nursing programs? This would give you a BSN when you are done, not an ADN. There are a few others in that area.

MONTCO has a LONG waiting list..over a year or 2 for clinical. Last i heard they had 3000 applicants and only took 50 per symester for clinical. By time time u do all that waiting, you could have your BSN. (Exactly what happened to me, I transfered to Alvernia for my BSN) People at montco retake A and P and Micro and ect. 2 and 3 times trying to get a better grade becasue the waiting list spots go to who has the best grades (they go on a point system). i heard WCU was pretty good.

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