Molloy 2nd degree program, how long?


So I know I've seen a couple of posts about this already, but as they're from years ago I'm hoping the answer has changed. Does anyone know how long Molloy's 2nd Degree program takes to complete if you have all your pre-reqs done? I'm starting Fall 2013, and I was given an information sheet on how the program is structured, it does SEEM as though it can be done in two years.

Also, I'm crazy enough to have registered to take the first five classes all at once, despite warnings, and tsks from the advisor. I honestly think I'll survive. I've gotten A's in A&P and micro while still working, and without breaking a sweat. I'm not bragging, I just think I can handle it, and the class only lasts a few months. I might be ripping my hair out by the end, but I can survive right? ...Right?

If anyone else has done the first five at once, please re-assure me?

I'm hoping that by doing this I CAN finish in two years and start paying off the massive debt I'm going to have from the tuition.

Someone please tell me it can be done.

Congratulations on getting into the dual degree program. I just graduated from the same program and completed it in 2 years. You may find yourself inundated during the first semester because its not just taking classes. You will have to learn skills, complete lab hours, clinicals, NCLEX practice sessions, etc etc etc. with that said, if you are disciplined and have zero problem making sacrifices, you can complete this program in 2 years. I took the same course load as you, so do not be deterred by others. If you want to do it, you will. The hardest part is the first year and then it is a lot more manageable.