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Mohawk-McMaster Post RPN - BScN


Hello all,

Please help if anyone knows if I can do the Mohawk - McMaster post rpn to Bscn part time? Or any chances I can keep my job while doing full time? anyone has any idea how many days they have school if you do full time? Unfortunately I have bills to pay so I can't just go to school full time without working. Any advice or suggestions would be extremely appreciated. Thanks in advance!!


I had the same dilemma, I was accepted to the program a week after I found a full-time job and had to choose ... I wanted to keep my job and do the program part-time but after emailing and calling Mohawk College they told me it is a full-time program with no part-time. In the end I chose to work and gain experience then apply to a school that offer a part-time program in the future.

Sigh I was so excited in the beginning but now that I'm sad. I think you've made the right decision consider how hard it is to just get our foot in the door. I will very possibly do the same thing now even though I'm only working casual. I'm still trying the best I could to get a job with some guaranteed hours if not full time. I just applied to the Centennial/Ryerson program and hoping to start next September. Not my first choice but at least I get to keep getting the real life experience that everyone is asking for. I'm surprised there are so few schools that offer part time Bscn. They should be more flexible about it as there're a lot of nurses want to upgrade but can't go to school full time. Good luck!! :)

The Nipissing University Blended BSCN is by distance learning for working RPNs. It may just be the best for you. Try it out.

I think I have a few classmates at UOIT who talked to the advisors to work out something like a part-time plan for the bridging program.

But the full time program itself is more spaced out compared to others just because you do clinical in the summer and if you have taken prior uni courses or a course in cardiac care, your electives are pretty much taken care of. Maybe check out UOIT program outline to see if it fit your needs.